England Gets Offensive on Obesity

Yikes! From the Mirror:

It is the biggest health challenge facing the nation – nine out of 10 adults and two-thirds of children will be obese or overweight by 2050.

Holy _ _ _ _!

Nine areas in England are developing programs to combat rising obesity through local and national government matching funds.  They’re calling the areas “healthy towns” with the hope that eventually it will become a country-wide effort.

Each town is trying something different; the plans range from grow-your-own vegetable gardens to bike maintenance help to encourage more cycling.  Tower Hamlets is rewarding restaurants that offer healthier choices (ed.: a Quarter Pounder is a Quarter Pounder is a Quarter Pounder).

At least they’re doing something.

Manchester may have the most promising approach.  From the Associated Press/Yahoo News:

Manchester is hoping to fight fat with a reward system that works like a retail loyalty card. But instead of earning credit for opening their wallets, residents will be rewarded for keeping their feet on the treadmill and their fridge stocked with healthy food.

Starting next fall, Manchester residents will be able to swipe their rewards cards and earn points every time they buy fruits and vegetables, use a community swimming pool, attend a medical screening or work out with a personal trainer. Points can be redeemed for athletic equipment, donations to school athletic departments and personal training sessions with local athletes.

The programs are part of a 400 million pound (the currency, not the unit of measure) effort to help Brits get fit.  We will watch with interest…

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