The Bottom Ten

You may be familiar with the Jack Welch management principle where the lowest performing ten percent of managers were ousted from the company.  The ethics of such thinking can be/have been debated, the reality is that his method was successful at General Electric.

It has also happened in health care (believe it or not):

Colorado Permanente Medical group chose to deal with negativity by letting go of 10-20 negative doctors each year, increasing morale and profits in the process. Turns out the negative doctors were creating a poor work environment and scaring away patients.

Quite interesting.  Inspiring even.  The above comes from The Positive Business Manifesto by Jon Gordon on ChangeThis.  Gordon’s manifesto addresses the lack of positivity in business and gives advice on how to stamp out the negativity.  Here’s the starter:

You would have to live on another planet not to notice the plethora of business books and articles discussing the importance of developing a positive organizational culture at work. The research is clear. Positive leaders, positive work environments, and positive engaged employees produce positive results.

However, if building a positive business is so important and beneficial, then we are left to wonder, “Why aren’t more companies, more positive?”

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