Health 2.0 Thoughts: Clay Shirky

It’s Wednesday, a whole week removed from the opening of Health 2.0.  The bad thing about posting a week later: everything has probably already changed.  And so, still relevant or not, this begins a yet-to-be-decided part series on thoughts from Health 2.0.

Clay Shirky had a great keynote.  Here are some selected comments (most likely a mix of my own words and his, with my comments in the parentheses):

  • Most valuable thing connected to the internet: people
  • Patient-Centric Medicine: internet is implementation layer
  • TRUST is the key (recurring theme throughout the conference) for information to flow
  • The changes made to the Catholic Church by the Second Vatican Council can be used as a metaphor for the changes going on in health care (very impressive metaphor, IMO); Vatican II shifted the focus of the church from the leaders to the parishioners, Health 2.0 is shifting focus of health care from health care deliverers to patients (I’d even argue it is shifting us from health care to health)
  • We’ve always had informal health care conversations, you just couldn’t see them before (innocent conversations around the table…)
  • When you give new people access to information things are are going to get weird, and they are

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