Nationalized Health

Mexico is getting fat.

The government is doing something about it.

“Vamos Por Un Million de Kilos” (Let’s Lose a Million Kilos) is the name of a successful campaign to get Mexicans to lose weight.  The Mexican government expects its country’s obesity levels to catch those in the United States.  Fifty percent of Mexico’s population is overweight and childhood obesity is increasing.

There are other nationalized efforts underway.  According to this AP article in the USA Today:

Mexico is working to mandate more physical education in public schools and encourage employers and unions to give workers time for exercise. The administration of President Felipe Calderon says it has built or renovated more than 800 public sports facilities around the country. And the National Institute of Public Health is promoting food education and healthier choices in schools, such as fruits and vegetables instead of chips and soda.

The weight-loss campaign reached its goal in just four months and has now entered a second phase “Vamos Por Mas Kilos” or “Let’s Lose More Kilos.”

Except for the examples of success, the article mentions very little on the Mexican citizens perspective on the effort.  Such a national effort in the U.S. would probably be laughed at and unsuccessful.  An effort, though, is needed.

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