Getting over the hump

MyRapidMD is a cell phone service that allows first responders access to all of your important medical information in an emergency situation.  It seems like a great idea.  Here’s an article all about the service at the Los Angeles Times.

But the service is plagued by a problem common amongst health care innovation: slow adoption.

This is what’s holding MyRapidMD back according to the LAT: “The company has to persuade first responders across the country to check cellphones as a matter of policy.”

EMRsChecklistsInnovation culture.  All plagued by slow adoption for various reasons.

An oft-used sports analogy has athletes, coaches, and reporters speaking of “getting over the hump,” a moment when the worst is over and success is imminent.

It’s not too simplistic to reduce the problems of health care innovation to slow adoption—whether it’s steep implementation costs, over regulation, or the organization’s culture (etc.).

The new idea isn’t the tough part of the process.  Getting over the hump is the true obstacle.

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