26. Attack on Every Pitch

Ben Casnocha wrote last week on a conversation he had with a friend who works for an NCAA Division I baseball program.  As Ben writes, “a lot of the staffers [baseball team] sign off emails with “AOEP” which stands for Attack on Every Pitch.”

He explains:

It’s a pitcher’s mantra. It doesn’t mean the pitcher has to throw strikes every pitch — a pitcher can still attack a hitter’s weakness by throwing out of the zone. It simply means that each pitch should have a purpose.

Recent posts on this blog have discussed frustrating bureaucracy and strategies to bust through it.

In bureaucratic non-profit organizations some activities can become part of the “way it’s always been done” mantra.  Phrases like “my boss told me to” become part of the everyday lexicon.  Activities can become wasteful.

Purpose is a powerful word.  Purpose can become a powerful activity.  In performing a job function, if you can’t answer the simple question, “what’s the purpose of this?,” there is a problem.  Speak up if you report to someone.  Listen if you’re reported to.  And end the purposelessness when necessary.

It’s a part of the Attack on Every Pitch philosophy.  Have a purpose.  Know the purpose.  Apply the purpose.

Principle #26: Too much waste.  Too many barriers.  Too much dissatisfaction.  Start breaking through by attacking on every pitch.

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