Health Care Estimates Online?

First things first, I understand the complexities of diagnosing medical problems (and that is why we have very competent, educated physicians making these decisions. So this is a “just saying” post.)

I’ve heard the mechanic and doctor metaphor before.  You may have as well.  Here’s why it doesn’t hold up.


Wouldn’t it be neat if there was a tool available (and smart enough) to patients that could take the information a doctor has just given about a diagnosis, plug it into a tool online, and receive estimates for any necessary procedures?

Repair Pal does it for autos. From PSFK:

The just launched site lets you enter information about your automobile along with the problem it’s having, and presto – you’ll get the fair market estimate for repair and parts. RepairPal users will also be able to create profiles for their cars to keep all repair records, and receive suggested service reminders.

Just saying…

By the way, does it scare anyone else that for the majority of us there is more information stored electronically about our vehicles than about our own personal health?

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