Health Care Innovation Center!

Kaiser Permanente’s Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center “is a living laboratory where ideas are tested and solutions are developed in a hands-on, mocked-up clinical environment. Many aspects of delivering healthcare can be innovated and examined at the Center using real-world scenarios and activities, such as simulations, technology testing, prototyping, product evaluations, and training.”

From an ADVANCE article:

“The center’s focus is to get front-line staff — the people who are delivering care — to come together and work with designers, architects and technologists to innovate or improve a physical space, a new technology or some type of work process,” explained Jennifer Ruzek, director of the center. “It’s really important that all the disciplines work together, because if you want to improve a complex process such as medication administration, nursing, pharmacy and physicians all need to come together.”

This is cool on multiple accounts—an organization has taken health care delivery innovation so seriously that they have created a center to facilitate continuous improvement.  The benefits:

“You can get large groups of people from different disciplines together, speaking the same language experientially, to reach consensus on what is the best design that meets their needs and the patients’ needs,” Ruzek said. “We’ve found that when you take people out of their day-to-day environment, a few things happen: First, they’re not distracted by what’s going on in a live facility. People begin to step back and think about the big picture. Nurses, as you know, are great at working around challenges. But here, you’re asking them to think differently — they come up with ideas that solve challenges, rather than just working around them.

“Second, we’ve found the experimental prototyping process at the Garfield Center speeds up decision-making. We rule out ideas that don’t work quickly and arrive at solutions faster.

“And third, it’s much easier to try out ideas in a mock environment rather than disrupting a real hospital unit or clinic.”

This makes so much sense, why are there not more organization sponsored dedicated environments to explore delivery innovations?

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