Billy Mays sells Kaboom, OxiClean, Zorbeez, and health insurance?

This is just too good to pass up. If you watch any amount of TV you know who Billy Mays is. If not, here’s a quick refresher:


Well now he’s pushing health insurance—calling it the most important product he has ever endorsed. I present:


The non-verbals, moving charts, and great promises are superb.

However, it is complete underinsurance. And it’s too bad because the market they are targeting probably has no idea how far $1000 of annual surgical coverage goes (the cheapest plan). The most expensive option covers up to $6,000. Anyone checked the cost of a bypass surgery lately?

Here’s the company’s website. Here’s the summary of insured benefits. And of course the extra special offers.

When he says affordable, he means health insurance you can actually afford.

Capitalism at its best.

4 thoughts on “Billy Mays sells Kaboom, OxiClean, Zorbeez, and health insurance?

  1. Although you may have a point , that the coverage they carry is not “premium” , for those who would otherwise be unable to get any health care, this is good in comparison to the market value elsewhere.


  2. As one of the people in this country who is under 65 and not eligible for REAL health insurance because of pre-existing condtions, I find this so aggravating and sad. I am still waiting for “affordable” health insurance that covers people with pre-existing conditions. Don’t think I will ever live to see it. I will probably die of my ailments first. Or lose my home.


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