It’s Called Direct Practice

What is old is new again. I’ve been calling it the wrong name all along. Alas, we call it Direct Practice. Crossover Health compares the old and new physician practice models:

Current Hamster Wheel Model (Dr. running in between patients in 7-12 min increments)

  • 2,500 patient population
  • 12-15 minute increments
  • Tons of paperwork, administrative burden, frustrations, lack of care coordination, ? quality
  • Even when patients satisfied with the physician, they hate the experience (long waits, no personalization, unintelligible interactions with health care system)
  • Avg Salary = ~$150,000

Direct Practice Model (Direct relationship with patients)

  • 500 patient population
  • $1,500 access/retainer fee
  • Paced, minimal practice overhead, positive interactions, care coordination, increased quality
  • Love the physician, love the experience (no headaches, no paperwork, transparent pricing)
  • 24/7 access, same day appointments, multiple other amenities
  • Avg Take Home = ~$500,000+ (this is conservative)

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