Trying Something New: Introducing the Insur-Animals

So there are lots of campaigns right now with an aim of calling attention to health care insurance issues. Cutting through the clutter of everyday advertisements/messages/marketing etc. can be a challenge.

Enter the Insur-Animals. “The Worst Animal-Headed Superheroes Ever!” (Their description, not mine.) Self-campaign-deprecation may not be the way to go…


A group in Connecticut offers healthcare4every1 which “is a statewide advocacy campaign committed to organizing an active, vibrant and diverse network of concerned residents to build public and political support for achieving universal health care in Connecticut.” You can read about their campaign here.

That What’s New section hasn’t been updated since August (I’m assuming this is an ominous sign of the campaign’s impact). Regardless, I appreciate the alternative effort. And maybe some chic pop-culture digital artifact to look back upon in 30 years.

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