13. Doc Squad

Have you heard of the Geek Squad? From their website: “Geek Squad Agents, Advisors and Installers teach people to embrace technology fearlessly and practice the art of human interaction.”

In order to offer patients more care options (and a throwback to the days of old), our own system will deploy the Doc Squad (still deciding whether to outfit them with Beetles or not) to respond to individuals who need attention at home. These providers will be able to provide basic general practitioner duties in the patient’s home.

Jay Parkinson and a few others are practicing virtual medicine…but why couldn’t this innovative solution be employed in the hospital? Well it can. And we will.

The Health Care Blog has a good piece on Dr. Parkinson. The best quote:

“The healthcare industry is so stuck in 1994,” he says, “The only way they’ve used the Internet is to provide information. I look at the Internet as something that provides communication.”

Principle #14: 1994 or not, it’s time that we (hospitals) start deploying new business models. The Doc Squad is our own system’s version of a previous era doctor’s house call. Every decision we make should make the process easier for the patient. Period. And if you’re not innovating for the patient (or the patient’s well being) you shouldn’t be innovating. Period.

One thought on “13. Doc Squad

  1. I’ve often wondered similar thoughts. When Michael Moore’s “Sicko” came out I went to see it and he had a section on the very topic “Doc Squad” as you put it that is being used in France. If primary care providers used this type of model to extend their offices by using mid-level providers – Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners it could improve some of the access issues we have today. I made the suggestion of using mid-level providers and not MDs because the short supply of family practice practitioners. Don’t know if the VW Bug would work though, perhaps a Prius may be want the doctor ordered.


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