More! More! More! Knowledge is the KEY!

After reading my rambling/scattered post from this morning, I’ve found a useful nugget. “Here’s the problem: (constant!) vague and incomplete information.” Enter Google Health, Microsoft Vault, etc. (ETC! because there needs to me more, much more!)

While we as consumers have been inundated with information since the widespread adoption of the internet (and now endure an insatiable thirst for more and more and more), the secret to better health care is more information. Yes more.

More to patients, more to researchers, more to administrators, more to providers. Just more. Relevant more.

This is where Health 2.0 comes in. More is good, but more must be relevant. The tools of Health 2.0 will allow all of us to better organize/ingest/disseminate the “new” limitless information. Get ready for everyone to be more informed. And don’t try to run from it because you won’t have the energy required to keep up the necessary pace to stay ahead of the revolution.

Embrace, Embrace. Embrace! Starting today!

Brian Klepper has typed a guest post at Health Commentary about health information influenced by Sir Muir Gray, the Chief Knowledge Officer of Britain’s National Health Service. A portion of Sir Gray’s comment (you really should go read the rest):

The third [health care] revolution is different – everyone’s involved and it’s everywhere, it’s adaptable, it’s pervasive, it’s inclusive and convergent.

Knowledge is the enemy of disease, the application of what we know will have a bigger impact than any drug or technology likely to be introduced in the next decade. I’m talking about three types of knowledge here Statistics, Evidence and Mistakes – we need to be able to deliver these as simply and abundantly as we deliver clean water.

Knowledge is the enemy of disease. Good stuff.

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