Health Management Rx

I really enjoy when my hours of web cruising pay off (for the record, they almost always do…but what I’m talking about here is when they really pay off).

With that, my most recent discovery is fantastic.  I would encourage you to visit Jen McCabe Gorman’s Health Management Rx. It’s an absolutely fantastic read and she regularly dives into health care issues from completely different perspectives…which, as you know if you have been reading here for awhile, jives with what we’re trying to do.

An example:

I could write a book on the subject of bringing Gen X and Gen Y Directors onto Boards (hmmm), but for now, let’s titrate this future-of-governance thing down to simple solutions.

You. Need. Healthcare. Leaders. And. Thought. Leaders. Under 40 (Under 30). On. Your. Boards. NOW.

Recruiting fresh new voices to join your board is a big component of ‘guitar hero healthcare.’

Guitar Hero Healthcare? Yes, read about it here.

Stuff like this is what gets me out of bed in the morning.  Enjoy.

One thought on “Health Management Rx

  1. Drew –

    Thanks for the kind words and visiting Health Management Rx. Sometimes you wonder if what you’re writing so passionately is really hitting home.

    Seems it is for at least one other reader, and that makes the time spend sharing ideas worthwhile.

    Great blog – I’m linking to it now in my Blog Rolls section.

    Best –


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