Finding Fixes Locally

At home for some Easter celebrating, getting caught up on local news.

The realities of our fractured system require constant innovation, workarounds if you will, to deliver care to all.

In Charles Leadbeater’s TED presentation I posted earlier, he speaks of the difficulties of innovation in larger organizations. Smaller organizations’ ability to innovate is often necessary for survival.

To combat the problems associated with uninsured patients and their potential eligibility for financial assistance, a trio of organizations have come together to make this scenario (a 23 page application!) easier for patients:

A joint effort from ACMC, Avera Marshall and Lincoln, Lyon and Murray Human Services has resulted in a financial assistance office inside Avera Marshall and right next to the ACMC clinic attached to the medical center. The office will help patients and their families complete the applications to determine eligibility for assistance.

I am especially fond of the localized solution and the ability for citizens, government, and non-governmental entities to work together to find a fix. Best quote: “The cooperation between a governmental agency, a non-profit hospital and private clinic may be the only such model in the state.”

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