Megacommunities, solving health care (and other issues)

Serendipity is a wonderfully cool phenomenon.

On March 3rd I posted this where I posed the thought that health care problems should be solved locally.

And while I was trying to clarify my thinking on the whole matter, on March 7th the new ChangeThis Manifestos were posted and was immediately drawn to this one on “Megacommunities” by a few folks at Booz Allen Hamilton:

“Public, private, and civil leaders should confront together the problems that none can solve. Leaders everywhere no longer express as much confidence about the future as they once did. When they speak candidly, it often sounds as if they feel trapped in quicksand, unable to move forward easily. The methods and tools that helped them succeed in the past no longer work. The challenges they face—such as global competitiveness, health and environmental risks, or inadequate infrastructure—can no longer be solved by their organizations alone. And when they try to reach beyond the boundaries of their own corporation, government agency, or nongovernmental organization, there often is no clear pathway to success.”

Which led me to the book’s website.  And yesterday, the ChangeThis caretakers, had this review/information of/about the book on the 800-CEO-Read Blog.

Anyway, I’m running with this thinking.  While I’m not a big fan of the term “Megacommunities,” this concept is really powerful.  In order to compete globally, organizations, private business, and individuals will come together to solve the issues, together, at the community level (ahhh, health care!).  Working together is the only way toward true community sustainability.

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