A Grand Welcome(s)…

A couple of items dealing with welcomes…

Per usual, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center is doing something extraordinarily right (at least in my opinion). I’ve written before on the difficulties of navigating a large hospital, especially on first visits. While many organizations offer information desks, BIDMC is being proactive in delivering help to individuals who walk through their front door by utilizing “greeters.” Their job “is to be available to help people find their way in the hospital, including escorting them as necessary to find the right place in our 2 million square feet of space.” (Applause!)

The second item of note is a welcome of our own. When our own system started, my full intention was for it to be more than just me trying to carry this conversation (hence the our in the title, and all the we talk from the beginning). I’m excited to welcome Matt Vestal (read about him here) to our blogging team. Matt and I often have stimulating discussions on all-topics-health-care and his questions/insight/ideas will add value to this blog and contribute to our evolving search for the definition of sustainable health care.

Again, if you consider yourself a health care amateur, and feel like you have something to offer to our own system, contact me!

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