“We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us”

Found this at Fast Company:

Colin Evans, 55, is a 27-year Intel veteran who’s on loan to Dossia, a nonprofit consortium founded by several major companies, including AT&T, BP, Intel, and Wal-Mart, to create a portable electronic medical record.

To go along with The Leapfrog Group; which was created:

In 1998 a group of large employers came together to discuss how they could work together to use the way they purchased health care to have an influence on its quality and affordability. They recognized that there was a dysfunction in the health care market place. Employers were spending billions of dollars on health care for their employees with no way of assessing its quality or comparing health care providers.

Private industry has felt enough pain with health care in the United States to develop these skunk works-like groups to find solutions.  We need to find sustainability.  If we don’t start the change from within, it is obvious that outside forces will.  Being forced to change is never easy.  Embracing change is the answer.  Private industry has sent the message: if we don’t, they will.

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