Diversity isn’t just good, it’s necessary

Tom Peters does some cool things (ah, constantly!). One of my favorites is when he shares books he is reading. But a cooler thing is when he shares books (warning, it’s a PowerPoint) that influence his thinking.

That’s where I found this gem.

Scott E. Page’s book “The Difference” is about diversity. And not about our traditional definitions like skin color, religion, sexuality, and others. Those kinds of diversity are extremely important. But Mr. Page pushes the debate past all of that. Diversity is what happens when individuals with different “toolboxes” are brought together to solve problems. Mr. Page explores diversity as the many different ways people think.

Organizations are able (and should!) promote diversity to improve productivity, and the book outlines Mr. Page’s case. It is a very compelling read with takeaways that can be implemented (without too much effort) in the organizations where we work. His writing is understandable even though some of the ideas in the book can seem dense at start.

From the jacket, “The Difference” reveals that progress and innovation may depend less on lone thinkers with enormous IQs than on diverse people working together and capitalizing on their individuality…Page changes the way we understand diversity–how to harness its untapped potential, how to understand and avoid its traps, and how we can leverage our differences for the benefit of all.”

The New York Times has an interview with Mr. Page. Go check it out for a little more enlightenment.

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