Here, grandma, get yourself some new dentures

I am not-all-about the relatively recent gift card frenzy. First, I feel like I can deliver some pretty thoughtful gifts, no matter the holiday. Second, and more importantly, because so much money is wasted in the form of unused balances.

And now…

Think Well presents the health care gift card. Yes, I typed (and you read) correctly. The company says, “From college students and elderly parents to expectant mothers, the Healthcare Gift Card is a unique way to let loved ones know just how much you care.” Obviously, it is a gift to give when a $10 bill isn’t enough…plus it only costs about $5 to get one.

Springwise thinks it is a good idea.

Why not just give a prepaid Visa or Mastercard gift card? So the gift receiver has to choose to buy health care? Well what if the receiver doesn’t get sick? Well that’s OK, because the money stays on the card minus the $1.50 maintenance fee that occurs every month after the first nine.

Am I missing something here?

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