There’s an elephant in the room…

…and it’s time we address it.

The elephant: universal health care.

Important! This blog’s definition of universal health care: every citizen in the United States has the opportunity to be covered by affordable insurance.

Basic, I realize. But I am worried that if the definition gets wordy the possibilities of too many inclusions and too few exclusions increases greatly. And the point is to start the discussion, not end it.

Is it needed?
Is it achievable?
Can it be affordable?
What form should it take?

There are sure to be more questions…

In the coming weeks and months we will explore the various components of the many different options for how we provide medical care in this country. Some are in favor of a purely market-based system. Others are completely for a government run system. Most are for something in the middle. Disagreements will be plentiful as we explore different definitions and opportunities.

So there, the topic has been started. And I feel much better.

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